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The Meek Shall Inherit
RPS Jared/Jensen
For [community profile] spnkink_meme prompt :Summer time is when all contenders for mate to an unmated Alpha!Werewolf fight for the right to present themselves to that Alpha - the mate of an Alpha must attract the wolf, but also be strong enough to fight and win against other potentials.

Everyone in the pack knows that unmated Alpha!Jared is seriously attracted to, and wants to mate with, Jensen, but no one thinks that Jensen is strong enough to fight off all the other wolves who want Jared (even Jared).

What I would love is Jensen winning the obvious easy fights, and then beating back successive challenges until he presents himself bloodied, unbowed, triumphant to Jared - claiming his place at Jared's side and Jared gladly claiming Jensen in front of the pack.

Still needs editing and an epilogue. Will add when I have time.

It had been 250 years since the last time a werewolf of Jared’s calibre had looked for a mate. As a result all the major and minor wolf packs had sent any unmated wolfs to San Antonio in the hopes of linking themselves with the strongest werewolf family in North America and for the dubious Glory of having one of theirs mated to the head Alpha wolf of North America.

It made Jared sick to think about the bloodshed that was going to take place the next day. Twelve wolfs had died when Jared’s father had been looking for a mate and it was rumoured that his grandmother had won the competition by pulling her opponent’s eyes from their sockets.

Jared can’t help but wish that his parents were a little less happy with life and that his father hadn’t decided to retire so that they could live the rest of their lives without the responsibilities of the Alpha.

It’s not that Jared isn’t finding the power heady and appealing; he enjoys a thrill every time a wolf walks past and drops their eyes in respect. Jared was born for this in a way that his brother wasn’t, he demands respect and knows how to use his voice and body to make anyone willing to challenge him roll belly up and whimper for forgiveness.

Doesn’t mean Jared’s not gonna kick up a fuss about having to take on so much responsibility at such a young age, but his dad had been Alpha for a whole century. New century needed a new Alpha otherwise the packs would fall apart

Luckily Jared’s parents are too busy schmoozing to notice Jared hiding to one side and watching the entrance with Chad and Sandra on either side.

Chad and Sandra seem to have an unending knowledge of every wolf who steps into the hall. Chad was originally from a pack in California. Sandra from Florida and between them they have most of north America pretty well covered. If not by sight, then a little sniffing and they can tell Jared which pack the wolf is from and odd little bits of gossip Jared can’t get his head around, like who had a little trouble with their first shift and who got caught out without any clothes.

Sandra sniffs at the latest wolf to walk into the hall. She’s tall and blond and in no way a Beta. “New York pack. Power hungry little bitch.”

“Aren’t they all,” Jared muttered unhappily. He’d seen more than a few Alpha’s walk in ready to play Beta just for the chance at the power that came with being the Alpha’s mate. Jared wasn’t looking forward to a life of pretend submission with his mate.

There’s was a faintly sweet scent mixed in with aftershave (and which wolf would be stupid enough to cover their scent at a gathering like this?) before the next wolf stepped into the room. Jared didn’t recognise him, but he was tall and pretty in a way that Jared couldn’t help but notice even if the aftershave was burning unpleasantly in his nostrils. He even looked human, big green eyes and dark blonde hair and not a trace of teeth or claws, and if it wasn’t was the little wolf that he could smell Jared might have mistaken him for human. The wolf blinked owlishly looking around the room, out of place and so young he couldn’t have possibly been old enough to be there.


“Ackles.” Sandy said dryly. Beside her, Chad growled unhappily. “They don’t run with the pack anymore. Play at being human. He’s probably only here so they don’t look like they’re disrespecting the Alpha.”

“Heard the eldest went off to some fancy school to be a doctor.” Chad added distastefully. “They even live with the humans.”

Jared sniffed at the air again. Huh—

“Don’t worry he won’t be fight—”

Jared was halfway across the room before he knew it. Underneath everything else human Ackles smelt delicious, like sunshine and lollies and something heavier (like every dirty dream Jared had ever had, like messy sweaty sex that left you covered in come and too worn out to move) and deeper that Jared wanted to rub himself against, curl around and sleep with. In fact, the only way Ackles could have smelt any better would be for him to be covered in Jared’s scent, which was as oversight that Jared would be rectifying very shortly, preferably by rubbing himself all over Ackles’ naked, writhing body.

He wasn’t subtle in his approach. He stalked the handful of steps between himself and Ackles. Ackles eyes widened for a moment—shock or uncertainty possibly—but the moment passed and then Ackles was dropping his coat to the ground and his eyes, still wide and so pretty up close, were full of heat.

Jared tackled him to the ground and they rolled through the open door into the hallway. Jared pressed himself down between Ackles’ thighs, and thought yes because this was where he belonged. Ackles’ scent was even stronger here, headier and almost overwhelming. Jared buried his face against Ackles’ neck, breathing him in. Ackles moaned under him, his hips jerking up, hands grabbing at Jared’s shoulders and making needy little noises. Jared obliged, pressed his own hips down, his cock, so damn hard it felt like he hadn’t come in weeks, pressed against Ackles’. He wrapped one hand in short spiky hair to keep Ackles still and kissed his mate.

The veneer of humanity Ackles had been wearing when he walked into the room felt paper thin and it was shredding under Jared’s touch leaving behind nothing but a young wolf. One very greedy wolf if the way he bit and sucked at Jared’s mouth or rubbed against him was any indication.

Jared was just settling in to a rhythm when suddenly he was being ripped off his mate, cold agony replacing heated skin. Red haze washed covered Jared’s eyes, all fightfightfight.

“I’m sorry son,” someone said just before Jared felt a scratch against his neck and was out.

Jared woke up with a growl caught in his throat. He felt sick and disorientated and struggled to get up because his mate needed him. Someone tried to hold him back and Jared struck out, nails turning to claws and lips pulled back to show sharp nasty teeth. He wanted blood, wanted to bite and rend until everything and everyone between him and his mate were either dead or bowing in submission.

“Sit down Jared,” Jared’s father hissed and Jared obeyed despite himself. After all, he’d spent the last thirty years obeying that voice.

“Good,” His father praised and like a stupid little pup Jared’s belly filled with happy warmth at the praise. “You need to calm down.”

Jared tried to laugh at that but what came out was a hurt whine and Jared was grateful the only wolves he could smell were his father, Sandy and Chad because if any of his pack had been able to see this, they wouldn’t have bothered to fight to be his mate.

“Where is he?” he managed through his teeth. His claws were still out, scratching up the sheets. It took effort but Jared pushed through the hazy fog that wanted to break out and find his mate and focused on the man in front of him instead. “Where is he?”

“Safe,” his father assured. Jared growled. “Safe as can be in these circumstances. He is, of course, fighting tomorrow which is displeasing a lot of the other packs. The Ackles don’t exactly play nice with others, but I doubt that there’s any way to stop Jensen from entering.”

Jared laughed. Couldn’t help it because there were a dozen wolves out there who grew up running with their packs, play fighting and then fighting for their rank in the pack, wild and vicious as animals when they need to be and then there was Jensen. So beautiful it hurts Jared not to be touching, but young and domesticated, like a lab pup lost in the woods trying to fight off territorial wolves; clueless and helpless and without a chance.

“He’s my mate,” Jared tried desperately. “You can’t still be expecting me to let the competition go on.”

“It’s the law Jared. Your mate will be chosen through the competition. It’s how every Alpha for the last millennia has chosen. We have to obey and uphold the laws.”

“I can’t,” Jared hissed. He was restless, almost shaking. He fought his way free of the bed sheets and began pacing up and down the room, all agitation and raised fur. “I won’t.”

“You don’t have a choice. Jensen doesn’t have a choice.”

Jensen,” Jared whispered, tasting the name over his tongue. It fit. It fit better than any relationship he’d ever had, every wolf he’d tumbled with, even the short lived relationship with Sandy all those years ago. He can smell the difference now. He loves sandy but her scent is more packmate than anything else.

“Can I see him?” Jared asks. If he could get to Jensen then he could get Jensen out of this place. All they had to do was survive until the next night and consummate their relationship under the first night of the full moon and then it would all be over.

“I’m sorry Jay,” Chad said, stepping out from his corner of the room. “But you can’t. Some of the other families insisted on ensuring his safe keeping for the night.”

“If they hurt him—”

“They won’t,” Chad assured him hastily, “At least not tonight. They might be power hungry but they’re not stupid enough to let your preferred contender show up to the competition hurt.”

“But that won’t stop them doing their best to get rid of him tomorrow,” Sandra said quietly.

Jared stiffened again. At this rate he was going to develop some sort of spinal injury. Maybe later he could convince Jensen to—

“What do you mean? What are they going to do tomorrow?”

It was Chad who stepped forward, “It means that tomorrow every wolf in the competition is going to be doing their best to get rid of Jensen permanently. Because it doesn’t matter who wins or who you claim tomorrow night, so long as Jensen is around you’re going to follow his scent around and these wolves’ might be ready to play your Beta, but they won’t live with the indignity of knowing you’re chasing after another wolf.”


Jared spends the night breaking apart everything in the room. He’s been confined; there are wolves at his door and below his window so Jared takes out his frustration on his surroundings, tearing and shredding, leaving nothing of the furniture but splinters and howling his anger for all to hear. He hopes that Jensen can hear him, that he knows Jared is not giving up. Then again, Jensen is mate and he knows Jared won’t give up.

The realisation calms Jared somewhat and by dawn he’s calmed down enough to be able to think rationally.

The reality of the situation is that no one can force Jared to take a mate. At this point he’s pretty sure his dick won’t even get up for anyone but Jensen. Also, Jared’s father is still technically the North American pack’s Alpha and even though Jared’s been overseeing his responsibilities for the last few months, he’s still not technically the Alpha until he’s taken a mate.
So Jared’s plan is pretty simple: he’s going to walk out to the field they’ve cleared for the competition and announce that he won’t be taking over his father’s position, take Jensen and get them both the fuck out of here. They can go stay with Jensen’s family. Jared doesn’t even care if he’ll have to play human for the rest of his life, he’ll get a job and they’ll buy a fucking house with a white picket fence and all the other trimmings and the pack can go to hell for making Jared choose between his duty and his mate.

Unfortunately, any plans Jared might have had for a grand declaration and a dashing escape are foiled because Jared’s parents are obviously smarter than Jared and don’t show up to escort Jared out to the field. Instead they’ve sent Chad and Sandy and before Jared can start spewing any more of the awful things he’d yelled the night before he can’t help but notice how exhausted they both look.

Chad’s wearing the same suit he was wearing the previous evening and his lip is split. Sandy’s hair is a mess and there are black smudges all around her eyes.

Not that she let’s any of that stop her from taking Jared’s arm and insisting that the wolves guarding Jared won’t be necessary.

“Jared,” Sandy starts but Jared can’t swallow past the guilt in his throat.

“I’m sorry,” he says, and means it.

“Doesn’t matter dude. We get it.” Chad pats him on the back. “I’d probably want to rip you apart too I you got in between me and my mate. Or maybe a really nice steak.”

Sandy snorts then sobers, pulling Jared in closer. “Jensen’s fine. I’ve checked on him a few times. Couple of wolves went in to talk to him but that was mostly just taunts. Someone tried to pay him money to leave. Idiots.”


“Shut up, I’m not done. The Ackles are in Florida, which is apparently where werewolves in denial go to spend their summers. Jensen was supposed to be joining them after last night and they were getting worried because he’d missed his flight. He was just supposed to say hello and leave.”

“Instead he ended up getting molested in front of everyone. Way to keep it classy man.” Chad said. “You gave them a show they’re not gonna forget soon.”

Jared couldn’t help it. When he grinned, it was all wolf.

The other wolves are all gathered in a field a few minutes’ walk from the buildings. Jared can smell their restlessness and anxiety. When he does join them, there’s a seat for him besides his parents. Someone’s had the foresight to put out drinks and a few of the other wolves are chatting happily amongst themselves.

Jared feels his stomach turning, but then he catches Jensen’s familiar scent and he looks up in time to watch the competitors walking out. It takes a few minutes, but then Jensen is there, standing in front of Jared and just the sight of him is enough to ease some of Jared’s restlessness. He doesn’t even notice the other wolves; he only has eyes for Jensen. His mate’s wearing soft cotton pants a t-shirt that might have been his sleeping clothes turned impromptu gym clothes. He’s bare foot but Jared can’t help smiling because his mate’s beautiful and only a few steps away and smiling shyly at Jared, who’s smiling so hard his face hurts.

It takes a few moments but the unhappy growls from the other wolves snap Jared out of his little bubble and that’s when he notices the bruises on Jensen’s knuckles. He can’t help growling at that and some of the wolves take a step back despite themselves.

Jared’s mother pulls him back towards a seat and Jared lets her, not wanting to upset her any more than he’s about to.

“I know what you’re planning,” She tells him while Jared’s father delivers what must be a very nice speech.

“I’m not planning anything,” Jared lies, somewhat unconvincingly considering he hasn’t taken his eyes off of Jensen.

“You’re thinking of running away with your mate. And I can understand that. I don’t want to see you living with another wolf for the next few centuries when you know you have a true mate out there and I doubt that Jensen would like it very much either.”

“Then why don’t you stop this?” He hissed at her.

“Because it’s our way,” she said simply.

“You can’t possibly expect me to sit here and let them hurt him.”

“Listen to me Jared. Jensen is your mate and I know that it might not look like it, but you need to give him this chance to prove himself. Your instincts tell you to protect him and it’s going to be difficult sitting here and watching his fight, but you need to remember that he’s just as desperate to be with you and a few nasty wolves aren’t going to be stopping him.”

“See all these wolves here? In a few hours all of them, Alpha and Beta are going to have to bow in front of Jensen. But before they can do that Jensen needs to show them that while he might roll belly up for you, the rest of them should know their place is beneath him. This is his chance to beat it into them. Now sit still and stop fidgeting.”


Predictably whoever is running the show pits Jensen against a huge wolf from the mid-west for the first fight. Jensen’s tall, but this guy has biceps thicker than Jensen’s thighs.

The wolf (Wayne maybe, Jared’s not really paying attention) throws a punch, catches Jensen right in the jaw and throws him down. Jared’s on his feet in an instant, ready to call the whole thing. Abdicate; fuck the clan they can find someone else. Jared isn’t going to let his mate get hurt. It’s not worth it.

But then he remembers his mother telling him to trust his mate and maybe it’s the stubborn tilt to Jensen’s chin as he pulls himself up or the bruises on Jensen’s knuckles (that’ll match a few of the black eyes scattered around, Jared’s sure) but Jared wants to give Jensen the chance to do this. Doesn’t want to announce to everyone here that he knows Jensen can’t win.

May-be-Wayne throws another punch and knocks Jensen down again, Jensen pulls himself up again and may-be-Wayne smiles nastily, pulling his arm back for another punch and Jared’s on his feet.

But then Jensen’s moving, right hook, left hook, knee driving into the other wolf’s gut hard enough to send him to the ground and then Jensen’s on him, growling like a wild wolf, pinning the may-be-Wayne down with merciless efficiency and throwing punches one after the other.

There’s stunned silence and then disbelief as the other wolf whimpers in defeat. Jensen rolls off him quickly, dusting himself off and looking as though he couldn’t believe he’d just forced another wolf into submission.

Jared’s laugh carries over the crowd. His eyes catch Jensen’s and Jared’s not surprised to see them look wilder than they had even a few moments ago. Jensen’s declared the winner and ushered away as two other wolves step into the makeshift ring, But Jared’s not paying anyone else any attention.

It feels like hours later when Jensen’s back. Bruises have had time to start blossoming on his face.

In contrast to the last fight, this wolf is tiny, but she’s crouched low and one of the wolves who’ve opted to do this without clothes. There’s nothing human in her bright blue eyes and there are tattoos over her arms and thighs. She’s old European blood, and it’s obvious that she’s well trained. Jared’s confidence begins to waver again.

She hisses and Jensen growls adorably then blushes pink, surprised by the sound he’s just made. Jared can’t remember much of their little groping incident but he hopes the Jensen blushes like that often and all over.

Jensen’s opponent isn’t admiring his pretty, pretty blush though; she jumps at Jensen making him twist out of the way. He barely has a moment to catch his feet before she’s back and this time he’s not quick enough and goes down under her weight. There’s a flash of a clawed hand and Jensen screams—Jared’s already by the ringside before the other wolves manage to stop him.

Jensen growls again and this time it’s less cute and more wolfish. He flips the girl off him and stands up. He’s changed too; his teeth are out and his nails are longer and sharp and there’s no hesitation in his movements as he heads for his opponent.

She wasn’t expecting Jensen to get up again and it’s clear in the way she struggles to get away, but after a few minutes of struggling Jensen has her by the throat. He’s slashed her body open, left thick bleeding claw marks over her chest and belly, over her shoulder and down her back all the way to her thigh. She’s a mess by the time she whimpers and accepts defeat. This time, too caught up in the wolf and the fight, Jensen has to be taken out of the ring with an ‘escort.’

The next round is worse. A big wolf, bigger than Jared even, has Jensen pinned down. Jensen’s bruised and bleeding a little and somewhere along the way his shirt was too badly shredded to save. Not that Jared isn’t perverted or not enjoying the view; Jensen’s torso is lean and tightly muscled; Jared has plans that involve honey and himself licking it out of all the lines between Jensen’s muscles, but there’s nothing attractive about the bruises scattered all over Jensen’s body at the moment. They weren’t put there lovingly by Jared’s exploring mouth or hands gripping on too tight in passion. They were meant to hurt, and Jared has no desire to see him mate hurting.

Jensen’s been kicked and punched and thrown around, and every time no one expects him to get up. Except that he does. And it’s amazing; the next time the wolf throws a punch Jensen grabs his fist using that to twist his arm. The wolf cries out, but Jensen’s only just beginning. He half turns his body, still holding the wolf in place and kicks him in the knee, hip and chest quickly. There’s a nasty snap when Jensen’s foot connects with the wolf’s knee but that’s not enough, Jensen twists the wolf’s arm behind his back and pushes upwards.

The second snap makes the wolf whimper and accept defeat. Jensen growls, doesn’t even look at Jared anymore. It takes five wolves to drag him out of the ring this time and Jared’s barely refrained from ripping their lungs out for daring to touch his mate by his parents, brother and Chad holding him back..

Jared’s mood swings all through the morning. He fills his time thinking about Jensen’s next fight, which wolf it will be with and how badly hurt Jensen might be. Sometimes he allows his mind to wonder off further, to that night. He imagines Jensen would look so pretty, down on his belly with his head bowed in submission and taking Jared’s cock, letting it pin him down

This morning, Jared wouldn’t have expected that he would still be sitting here by midday and waiting for the next round. His vague plans, while relying heavily on improvisation had generally involved getting Jensen as far away from the competition as possible.

He hadn’t expected to see Jensen fight.

But Jensen is fighting. It’s some odd mix of boxing, taekwondo and playground fisticuffs, but he’s winning, putting down bigger and more vicious wolves and moving up through the ranks, even when those wolves had meant to kill him.

Jared can’t help his angry growl when one of the wolves sinks his teeth into Jensen’s shoulder—that’s Jared’s mate, only Jared get’s to mark him up—but that seems to be enough to snap Jensen into action, flicking the wolf off and slamming his elbow into his face and sending him back with blood pouring down his face.

An hour before moonrise Jensen is brought back to the ring. He’s restless and prowling on his side of the ring, reminding Jared of a pup before his first shift. He remembers his own state of agitation, barely sixteen, perpetually sulky and moody because no one could do anything right or love him properly. He remembers the itch under his skin and the way his parents looked at him over breakfast, eyes bright and knowing and told Jared he would be coming out to the woods with them that evening.

On the other side, Tom, the last wolf standing between Jared and his mate, is much calmer. Jared wants to hate Tom, but Tom is pack-mate and until last night Jared’s preferred choice for winner based on nothing other than friendship and the knowledge that Tom had had the training to beat the other wolves.

Tom is a fighter. He swore himself to the pack’s protection before Jared had been old enough to even shift. Jensen’s been fighting on pure instinct, animal and untamed and so ridiculously lucky the kid must have a decade or two of good karma that’s paying off. Tom on the other hand in is bigger, has technique and years of practice and sparring on his side and quick logical thinking beaten into him..

The fight begins with no finesse; as soon as they’re released Jensen and Tom jump at each other, bodies smacking together in the middle of the ring and rolling back, Jensen crouched low and Tom back on his feet with enviably perfect stance.

“Tell me you have a plan,” Chad whispers, just as Tom lashes out across the ring and Jensen finds himself rolling on the ground from an attack he didn’t even see coming. “Because this does not look good.”

Jared growled. “You have a car?”

“Out front in the parking lot.”

“Give me the keys.”

Chad slips the keys as discretely as possible into Jared’s pocket. Their weight calms Jared, reminding him that the option to flee is still there.

Jensen takes another hit. By this point he’s simply doing his best to get out of Tom’s reach, which isn’t going too well. Tom’s arms are longer and he’s quicker and he slams Jensen into the ground again and again.

There are approving growls from the crowd. Some of the defeated wolves are watching expectantly, probably enjoying Jensen’s degradation. The bigger packs weren’t too happy about Jensen’s involvement to begin with and now, after Jensen’s humiliated their pups they’re just happy to see him hurt and equally humiliated.

Jared wants to get out there and make them all hurt for their audacity.

Suddenly, Tom seems to tire of playing with Jensen and this time when he knocks Jensen down he goes down too and pins Jensen down with the weight of his body and a hand tight around Jensen’s throat.

Jensen gasps, body fighting to arch up but Tom’s weight keeps him down and his knees keeps Jensen’s arms pinned to the dirt.

Jared can’t breathe. He’s frozen for a moment, paralysed by fear, but with the next breath he’s on his feet and growling loud enough to drown down the jeering and cheers.

“Get the fuck up. Jensen don’t you dare,” he yells, “Don’t you dare give up. Get up and fight.”

“You need to get him out,” sandy whispers, “Go now.”

“No,” Jared said with surprising calm and conviction. “He’s going to get up and he’s going to win.”

And Jensen obeys. Seems to roll out from under Tom in the space of a heartbeat. He kicks Tom in the chest, hard enough to send Tom down on his back with the wind knocked out of him and Jensen takes full advantage of the momentary incapacitation.

Jensen doesn’t bother with suffocation, just throws punches left and right with no finesse or much technique. Tom struggled, but Jensen seemed determined and managed to somehow stay where he was no matter how hard Tom arched to throw him off. It’s raw and desperate the way Jensen’s moving. He’s not playing, he’s putting another wolf back down in his place and Jared isn’t sure if it’s a looming promise of Jensen’s victory or the efficiency of his movements that’s making Jared’s dick sit up and pay attention.

It only took about thirty seconds from the moment Jensen got himself free until Tom whimpered and went limp, Jensen’s teeth at his throat giving him a nip before letting him go to be dragged away.

A hush falls over the crowd, heavy and expectant. Jensen’s still in the ring, circling himself and looking for the next wolf stupid enough to get in his way, growling at his own shadow.

Jared’s filled with elation, smiling so hard his face hurts as he shrugs out of his jacket and runs into the ring.

“Jensen,” he says, reaching out, expecting an armful of equally joyous and hopefully horny mate, but what he gets instead in a growling, angry wolf lashing out at him.

And then Jensen actually attacks him charging in and throwing himself towards Jared.

Quick thinking lets Jared dodge the move and come up behind Jensen; quick enough to grab his mate and press him back against Jared’s chest. Jensen’s still fighting, twisting and trying to get away and Jared’s so surprised it takes him a moment to realise what’s happening.

Jensen just beat out every wolf that stood in front of him. Jensen’s already proven himself and now it’s Jared’s turn to prove his strength and show Jensen he’s a wolf worthy of submitting to. The fact that Jensen’s never shifted and is becoming more and more agitated the closer it gets to moonrise, is not helping matters.

Jared could make him submit in an instant; Tom might have been well trained but Jared’s spent his life being groomed to take over as Alpha and he’s faster, stronger and more technically proficient than any wolf on the continent. He could have Jensen face down in the dirt, arse up ready to be fucked in a matter of seconds, and he’s not going to deny that the idea has merit; his cock, the opportunistic traitor likes that idea and Jensen rubbing against him while he struggles is not helping.

But that’s not the way Jared wants to start things. He doesn’t want to claim Jensen by knocking him down and taking while Jensen’s too confused to know what’s happening or even enjoy himself (likely to the enjoyment of a crowd that’s still hungering to see Jensen beaten and humiliated).

So Jared wraps his arms across Jensen’s chest, trapping him in tight, catches Jensen’s hands in his own. He licks absently at the blood on Jensen’s temple—Jensen tastes as sweet as he smells—and whispers Jensen’s name and makes soft cooing sounds, but Jensen’s still fighting, so Jared hooks his feet around his mate’s ankles and takes them both down to the ground and just holds on.

“It’s over,” Jared whispers. This is private, the pack will be witness to the mating, but how Jared talks his mate back down from the edge where he’s barely human and can’t tell friend from foe is none of their business. “It’s over and you won. I need you to come back.”

There’s a loud, angry growl and suddenly Jensen has his teeth tight around Jared’s jaw. Jared swallows, going still. If Jensen decides to rip out a chunk of Jared’s throat it won’t kill him, but it will slow him down enough so that he won’t be able to protect his mate.

Jensen tugs and Jared’s ready for pain—instead what comes is the wet swipe of a warm tongue and curious sniffing followed by more licking.

“Mate,” Jensen whispers between licks and Jared’s heart just about bursts in his chest, over flowing with love and fondness for his mate and the quiet acknowledgment.

“Yes, mate,” and it’s acknowledgement and acceptance and suddenly Jared feels bound, feels the cord of it fizz through his body just as Jensen’s arches in his hold (not a struggle this time) and Jared’s left with the echo of a second heart beating in his chest.

Jensen rocks into Jared’s body and moans, the movement graceful and sinuous unlike the desperate struggles earlier. There’s heat roaring through Jared’s body, needy and wanting, wanting his mate split open on his cock, wanting to lay claim and paint his ownership with bruises and bite marks all over Jensen’s body.

Around them, the growls are changing, turning anxious and desperate. They only have a little while before the moon is out and the need to shift is strong.

“We need to fuck,” Jared says, tactless and a little desperate himself. His dick’s been hard for hours and having Jensen struggling against him hasn’t helped. “Now.”

Jensen grabs at Jared’s shirt. “Yes,” he says and it’s the most coherent he’s been since this whole mess started. He rips Jensen’s pants off with ease—they were shredded and barely standing anyway, Jensen probably wasn’t going to miss them—and pins him to the ground. His mate is so damn beautiful Jared might actually be salivating, all smooth skin and tight muscles and his pretty fat cock hard against his belly.

Jared wants to get his mouth on that cock but this isn’t the time. Later, he’ll hold Jensen’s hips down to a bed and give him the slowest, sloppiest blow job he can stand, but for now Jared needs to figure out a way to get his god damn belt unbuckled and his pants off.

Once Jared’s belt is off Jensen rips through Jared’s trousers with no remorse, licking his lips appreciatively at what he sees, even though Jared is still wearing his dress shoes and socks like an idiot.

All offending garments kicked and shredded and Jensen growling with frustration Jared leans over for a kiss, presses his body down against all that smooth hot skin. Jensen’s blushing again, pink from his cheeks all the way down almost to his belly and when Jared rubs his thumb over a nipple he moans into the kiss, arching up so his cock rubs eagerly against Jared’s thigh. Jared lets the desperate humping go on for a few more seconds before pulling back and flipping Jensen over onto his belly.

Jared resists the urge to cover Jensen’s skin with the remains of their clothing, hates to think that everyone is seeing what belongs to him and him alone (and after this if anyone decides to look at Jensen again Jared is going to rip their eyes out—grandma obviously had the right idea) but Jensen’s moaning distracts him enough to get on with it. He spreads Jensen’s cheeks apart and licks right over his puckered arsehole.

Jensen moans and shudders, pushing back into Jared’s face encouragingly. Jared wants to pull this out, wants to lick and finger his mate until he’s a mess and begging for Jared to fuck him, but all he’s got time for is licking inside Jensen and making him as sloppy wet as possible before spitting into his own palm and slicking up his cock. He pulls Jensen up onto his knees and Jensen spreads himself as wide as possible.

“Come on,” Jensen says, voice low and broken, “Fuck come on, it’s almost time,” and Jared can’t help but obey such a pretty request. He isn’t careful pushing in and if Jensen’s appreciative groan is anything to go by, careful isn’t what either of them is looking for here. Fucking into Jensen is like learning to breathe, that echo of a second heartbeat is stronger now and fuck, Jared can feel his mate’s heartbeat through his cock.

He growls, driving in deeper, pushing Jensen down until he’s chest to the dirt, and spreading himself over his mate’s back, biting and marking whatever skin he can get his mouth on as he fucks into his mate, again and again. Under him, Jensen’s moaning and whimpering and begging, and Jared knows he’s being rough and his mate is young and probably inexperienced, but Jensen’s body is pushing into him, pleading for more not for him to stop. Jensen is mate, he’s never going to ask Jared to stop.

Finally, the moon rises and around them, the pack howls. Jared fumbles for Jensen’s cock, his own control faltering, the need to come and mark and claim pushing him

Jensen’s making noises, encouragements maybe, but his hips move with Jared, pushing into every thrust. When he spills, it’s to the feel of Jensen’s come splashing over his hand and Jensen’s skin between his teeth.


Jared wakes up to a cold nose pressing into his face. It’s dark, even with the moon high up in the sky. Jared rolls over, reaching for Jensen. Instead of warm skin there’s sleek fur and another touch of that cold nose, this time followed by an excited wuff.

That has Jared sitting up and paying attention. They’re alone in the clearing. Jared can’t even hear the others running in the woods. Jensen paws at him restlessly.

Jared can’t help but smile. Jensen’s a very pretty wolf, almost as big as Jared, with soft brown fur and a distracting fluffy tail. He paws at Jared again and whines.

“Okay, okay,” Jared says and shifts easily into wolf. His own wolf is larger and more intimidating. Dark fur and big teeth and a decidedly less bouncy tail. Jensen doesn’t seem to care and demonstrates a distinct lack of self preservation by licking Jared, tongue raspy over Jared’s snout and face before turning and running into the woods, bushy tail wagging happily behind him. He stops and wuffs again, before practically prancing out of sight.

Jared does the only thing he can: he gives chase.


They wake up wrapped around each other, leaves in their hair and shifting uncomfortably to get off of twigs and stones. Jensen blushes bright red and Jared can’t help kissing him until he feels dizzy and stupid with happiness.

When he finally lets go Jensen is smiling too. “So, um, hi.”



Jared’s declared Alpha on the second night of the full moon, Jensen as his side and all the wolves hissing and fussing but finally kneeling and showing respect.
But the pack forgets and fifteen years later a bunch of wolves in California think they’re strong enough to take on the Alpha. They’re not expecting Jensen to be there. They’re not expecting Jensen to rip them all apart, Armani suit tossed to the side and nothing but feral rage.

Jensen sends them home with their tails between their legs and so badly humiliated the California Alpha doesn’t dare look Jared in the eye for the next ten years.



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