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K, so this is crap. But it's been so long since I managed to post anything. Well.

Parental units

Takaba’s parents seem to be under the impression that Asami is awesome. Takaba does not share this opinion. In fact, Takaba had been about to forcefully remove Asami from his front door when his mum had come to see what was keeping her Aki-kun at the door—and Asami whose lascivious smile had been replaced by something polite and friendly was invited in because “You shouldn’t send your friends away because of us Aki-kun. We’d love to meet them.”

This is why Asami is currently sitting in Takaba’s small cramped living room drinking tea with Takaba’s father while his mum goes through the kitchen and makes unhappy noises about the lack of decent food.

Takaba has to fight the urge to rock and forward or chew his nails bloody. Asami is such close proximity to his parent has Takaba feeling sick in all sort of new and interesting ways (who knew your vital organs really could try and climb out of your mouth?) and he wants nothing more than for Asami to leave.

Takaba’s mum finally comes out of the kitchen and says “There isn’t much that’s edible, but I think I could make something for dinner,” and just about makes sure Asami is staying.

“Mum,” Takaba tries, “Asami is really busy, he won’t have time to stay.”

Which makes him look just awful when Asami looks at him with big sad eyes and says “Takaba-kun, you know I took the afternoon off work to spend time with you,” and that is the point at which Takaba stops trying to salvage anything and settles for chewing through his lips instead.


The night is uneventful beyond a few looks from Takaba’s parents that may have been their way of encouraging him to admit that maybe Asami found his way into their son’s pants on a regular basis. Takaba ignored them all, Asami looked hurt.

Takaba ends up walking Asami out to his car because Asami asks to speak to him. Takaba’s not stupid, he knows Asami is about to pull something but follows Asami into the car anyway.

Ten minutes later Takaba’s lost his pants but he’s too busy riding Asami’s cock to really care. He leans into Asami and breaths in deeply; he loves the way Asami smells, especially during sex, and says “God fuck, harder, please.”

Asami laughs softly in his ear and sounds a little short of breath. “There’s no way your parents aren’t going to figure out you were getting fucked down here.”

“They’re really open-minded,” Takaba snaps and grinds down harder under Asami growls, grabs Takaba’s hips hard enough to bruise and fucks him properly.


Takaba’s parents are waiting for him back in the apartment, pretending to watch a fishing special on television. It’s sort of funny, and Takaba can stop to laugh now that all the tension has drained away, because Takaba’s pretty sure they were waiting for him behind the door.

“He’s a lovely young man,” Takaba’s mother says when he sits down. She fills his tea cup again and waits expectantly.

“He’s nice enough,” Takaba says, for a mobster he doesn’t add because—well, just because. There are other things Takaba isn’t ready to say yet, and luckily, his parents understand that. He knows they won’t turn him away, won’t point and blame and tell him he’s wrong. And that helps, just knowing.


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