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For [profile] mojaunicorn, Viewfinder, Asami/Akihito maybe? About what could happen after NT18? :> nc17

Asami is a clever, conniving bastard. Akihito has known about this for a while now—pretty much from the moment he met Asami—but he's still taken off guard.

On Akihito's third morning back in Japan Asami growls “Roll over on your belly,” and Akihito's still sleepy and full of goodwill from the night before and a little turned on so he just groans and does as he's told with Asami's teeth tugging at his earlobe and moans happily when Asami starts to fuck him, just two sleek fingers before Asami's pushing inside peppering kisses along Akihito's shoulders, slow and lazy and like he's going to keep this up for a long time.

Asami says things like “I missed you,” and “Love fucking you like this” and most disturbing of all “I love you,” whispered so quietly they're nothing more than a brush of air against Akihito's shoulder.

“Yes, god just,” Akihito moans and whimpers when Asami gives him exactly what he wants and sort of loses it when Asami pushes three fingers into Akihito along with with cock, and comes without Asami's hand even touching him.

Akihito purrs happily and rubs himself against the bed clothes, sleepy and sated enough to ignore the sticky mess he's rubbing himself into. Which is right when Asami says “Stay here. Promise me you'll stay.” and Akihito sort of groans something and falls asleep.

Only to wake up to Asami sorting through boxes and muttering about extra closet space and “I can empty some of my drawers for now,” which Akihito finds both terribly disturbing and oddly endearing because Asami's chewing his lip and fussing about with--

No wait, that's the contents of Akihito's underwear draw Asami's folding into neat squares and putting away and wow, Akihito needs to be up right now and fixing this because—yeah, just no.

Hours later, Akihito flops back on the bed in an indignant sprawl of limbs, breathing hard and not really caring about the way Asami's grinning like a clever conniving bastard.

“I told you,” Asami says, “You should stay here. You love this bed.” He doesn't bother saying you love getting fucked on this bed which would also have been very true. Asami's bed is sort of awesome.

“That's not really a reason to move in here,” Akihito snaps, but Asami's eyes are amused. He's already won the argument, won it the moment Akihito let himself be persuaded to get into bed again, but Akihito isn't planning on rolling over for anyone every again and it might be selfish, but he's not going to let Asami have this (them, together) without a fight.

Asami leans in close, takes Akihito's wrist and runs a finger over the still healing marks, his grin softening to a smile. “Actually,” he says, “It sort of really is.”


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